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White Star Line


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Blake waiting

My old hotmail email account

Had it for years back before hotmail was bought by microsoft.  Apparently a lot of people who don't want to put their own email address on stuff just randomly come up with custer@hotmail.com, And I get all of their account information when they do

I now have accounts on Gaia online, neopets, WoW, and a bunch of others I just deleted.  But it gets better

I'm getting the onstar vehicle reports for a 2009 Chevrolet Traverse owned by a mr. Danial Cude in Thornhill, Ontario.  Hes driven 12,960 Km (Canada doesn't use miles?) has XM satellite radio, and his oil has 84% of its service life remaining.

He bought it at North York Chevrolet.  It actually looks like I can deflate his tires by remote control.

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c_eagle August 23rd, 2009
ohhhh geeesh lmaorofl!! PEEPLE DON'T THINK! :D ... (btw, congrats on the kitty anasthetic success...)

Edited at 2009-08-23 08:03 am (UTC)

sebkha August 23rd, 2009
I think the US is the only country that uses miles.

sebkha August 23rd, 2009
...nope, looks like the UK uses miles as well.

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