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Going Going Gone

We have a book here with that title that refers to things that were mainstay in US culture for a half decade or more - but were going away due to changes in technology.  Oneof my favorites, the dial telephone, was one of the chapters.

Couple more additions of late.

Kodachrome film will no longer be made after this year.

The last american pencil manufacturer will stop making them this year.

And mailboxes will be going away too.  You can no longer mail even small parcels in them (for security reasons) and the number of people paying bills by mail has drastically reduced - adn the number of people witing regular hard copy letters has been reduced to about 2% of what it used to be.  Nobody wants to spend 42 cents for a stamp for a letter that could take a week to get delivered, when you can send an email instantaneously for free.

I have actually started writing longhand letters with a fountain pen again - when I realised that I had actually forgotten how to write effectively in longhand script - whcih is actually no longer taught in US public schools.  For the last decade I have used a pen only to fill in forms.
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