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White Star Line


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Over the hiss internet services

A couple tha tI used to use a lot. Pagoo was the first company I ever had an inbound VOIP number with, back in the days when 486 computers were still common. They eventually dropped that and just offered an "internet call waiting" service for those people who were still connecting to the internet with a modem.

Anybody still doing that? I haven't used a modem in over a decade. Yet the service is still there. And...

The MSNTV division is still operating! With a service that gives you an onscreen resolution LESS than standard VGA and no way to see a web page without their mandatory tool bars and advertisements taking up what little space you got. And the last version of their device, now about five years old, can't display about 95% of the web content out there properly anymore.

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mejeep August 5th, 2009
I hear you and co-miserate. I don't like having to maintain all my friends' and neighbors' computers and networks, but every PC/computer owner is forced to be their own sysop, constantly updating the software and firmware and troubleshooting incompatibilities. For a while, "thin client" internet appliances/smart-terminals were the maintenance-free way to go, but that all died despite there being a real need for that. But as you noted, the systems go obsolete very quickly as they're not updated for new multimedia types :-(

titanic August 5th, 2009
I got a friend who broke both of his computers. So I gave him two of mine. Within a week he had broken the laptop I gave him as well.

Computers were not designed for the masses, they just weren't. The younger generation that grew up with them can hold their own against the things, but anybody over 40 is just lost.

Unless you were programming computers with vacuum tubes in them over a teletype, Like I was doing in the 70's

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