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What I did in 2007 can't be done now

I completed my entire RVT degree in 20 months. This consisted of three school semesters and three summer sessions.

My 20 month degree program worked for me ONLY because I was able to hit every prerequisite in the right order and fit as much as I could together in a combination that would not have worked any other way. I in fact only qualified to be a senior student two weeks before the classes started. I couldn't do that now.

Pierce College canceled the second summer session. Looking at their web site, they have apparently canceled ALL classes outside of regular semesters until further notice - I.E. The state can fund them again. I started in January of 2006 and finished in August of 2007.

Prerequisite requirements would have made it a 3 1/2 year process if all I had to work with was regular semesters. I had to deal with a string of four classes that each were a prerequiste for the following one and were never offered in spring regular semesters. Thinking of how my schedule worked, if I had started in January of 2009 I would be graduating in June of 2012. It would have taken me literally twice as long.
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