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White Star Line


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One of the TV stations ran all of the previous Harry Potter movies. I had only seen the original one, so I recorded all of them to watch the entire series from beginning to current.

Unfortunately I used the TiVo in the living room, which only has the original hard drive in it, so when I got time to watch them, they had already been auto-erased in favor of new stuff.

The other one isn't hooked up to a cable box, but has more space. Should have moved them. Wish ther ewas some automatic way of doing that, but I don't think the series 2 TiVos are being developed any further than they are.

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(Deleted comment)

It doesn't

titanic July 17th, 2009
Mine are both ethernet and have been for years.

The older series 2 needed an ethernet/USB adapter, but the newer dual tuner one has the port built in. It can even initialise itself that way now and the modem port is just there for whoever may not yet have a broadband connection. I'm pretty sure all of the series 3 and later models are ethernet capable out of the box.

Mine was calling out over a vonage line back when it did that anyway.

(Deleted comment)
titanic July 18th, 2009
Its how htey know what the programing is so you can pick which shows to record. Otherwise its all manual recording with you having to tell it what channel to record, when to start and when to stop. It won't even know what channels you get without a connection.

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