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White Star Line


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Yeah, it does change my opinion of firefighters

Firefighter David P. Santuomo, 43, pleaded guilty yesterday to two counts of animal cruelty and one count of possession of a criminal tool -- for taping a 2-liter plastic bottle onto the gun as a makeshift silencer.

Now get this: Tying uyp his two dogs in the basement and shooting them to death got him a low level misdemeanor charge.

Taping an empty plastic soda bottle on the end of his .22 rifle was a felony.

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feren July 9th, 2009
What. The hell. Was going through that mans mind.

zorinlynx July 9th, 2009
Some people are just worthless asshole waste of oxygen scum.

Profession has nothing to do with it.

c_eagle July 9th, 2009
Did you see that other one on the news tonight too? Guy used his family's puppy as a shotput for a whole week... poor thing lived on with broken bones, and endured more all week, until it finally died.. >:|

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