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White Star Line


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Custer Sigh

Now thats separation

I just went through the entire list of 538 people following "2" on twitter to see if I found any friends I might have otherwise missed.

There were less than a half dozen names I even recognized. out of over a half thousand.

Considering the age you see at furry cons nowadays - probably 90% of them don't even know about our book being in print, or who we were. Its not that they have forgotten, they never knew, the turnover has been that complete.

At any rate, I'm back to taking care of real furries. Mine and the ones in the hospital.

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caerdwyn July 5th, 2009
The people who are the pioneers are always the first to be forgotten.

akai_ekoti July 5th, 2009
It is kinda weird, being sort of in between there. I didn't get involved in the furry fandom until 1997, when I got my first internet account, but prior to that I'd seen comics like Albedo and Critters at the stores during the 1980's. It was my search on the internet for old issues of Critters that led me to discover the fandom in the first place. I remember .357! from a review I'd seen in a comic book magazine, and while I was interested in it at the time it was published, I didn't have the budget at the time to buy a lot of comics. It wasn't until years later when I just ordered it by mail, along with the related books.

I guess that sort of puts me in between the generations there, aware of the old but not quite part of the new crowd. It's sad to see those old creators be forgotten like that...most people I talk to in the fandom have never heard of Albedo, or any of the other old titles. Doesn't help that they're a bit difficult to find anymore. The niche fandom being smothered under its own obscurity.

feren July 5th, 2009
For me, 2 hit a few chords back in the early days. But I'm not afraid to say that as time progressed and the key audience changed (and I got older) I found him progressively less entertaining or relevant. Other characters who have adopted a similar schtick are likewise irrelevant to me in today's world.

As you point out, sometimes its good to get back to our respective roots. Jack & my Ruger Blackhawk .357 Magnum have their respective places in my life: past, present & futurw. While I suppose there's truth in the phrase "adapt or die" I've no interest in changing my life to remain relevant to others. Surely I can't imagine your should, either.

You're doing good work, sir. Keep it up! I won't forget the past as you redefine yourselves for the future while remaining true to yourselves.

titanic July 6th, 2009
I think making it onto the main page of CNN was another milestone. Furry fandom is now mainstream and through growth has gotten as generic as Star Trek or Dr. Who fandom. Its kid safe, mother approved and theres nothing special about it anymore.

No conspiracy theory here. It simply got too big.

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