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White Star Line


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Goodbye Loudtwitter

Its now apparent just how many people on my friends list here were using Loudtwitter to relay posts from twitter to both here and facebook. The message traffic on my livejournal was cut by half when loudtwitter failed, and apparently its not coming back up.

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yippee July 1st, 2009
I'm trying something called http://twittinesis.com/
It operates similarly but with fewer options:
can't set posting time
can't post to LJ filter group
can't customize header/footer (i.e. no cut tag)

It says it'll post the day's tweets "sometime in the wee hours of the morning."

jpuckett July 2nd, 2009
Your friendly twittinesis dev here. Send me a note as to features being requested and I'll work on it.

titanic July 2nd, 2009
I suppose you will be getting a flood of new users - hope you are ready for the load. I don't know how many people were on Loudtwiter but apparently it was rather a lot.

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