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I have a computer here thats always on as it runs a magicjack, a skype phone and some other stuff.

At the moment it has a 40, 30 and 20 gig hard drive in it, and most of that is empty space.

So I was wondering - can I take the 8 gig flash drive I have, install windows on it, and have the comptuter run from it, removing ALL of those old hard drives?  Seems like it would be a lot less power use, and would probably be faster as well, though I'm not enough of a geek to know how fast flash memory reads & writes.  has to be older than this thing made of 2002 parts.

32 gig flash drives are now available, though if I can boot this off USB, I could probably stick a flash drive onto every port and exceed the memory that this thing has with real hard drives.

Anybody doing this, especially with older systems?

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