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Bastande de esa mierda

I have no idea who Salvador Gonzales is other than he was dodging a lot of bill collectors who had his cell phone number. The number I got assigned when I bought a Tracphone for martesto take to the convention later this month.

Not only was I getting about 5-6 calls a week for this guy, ALL of them were automated calls, never a human being as required by law.  Until the last week, all of them were in Spanish. I got my boss at Staples to listen to one of them and at least give me teh number.  Calling the number they gave just gave me another automated call in spanish.

In the past week the calls started coming in English, but from a misconfigured automated system that said:

"We are a debt collection agency, please call us at. When you do, give reference number"

If I HAD been "Salvador Gonzales" there was no way for me to return the calls.

Bottom line I called Tracfone today and changed the number.

I now need to go reconfigure twitter so the next person who gets stuck with that number doesn't get even more irate than I did.   I will give Tracfone credit for changing the number as soon as I asked them to.

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