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White Star Line


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TC - Curious

IM wondering

Apparently most of my co-workers these days are professionals who do not work in front of a computer, as while most of them DO have an IM address, they are almost never online and apparently AFK when they are, as I can almost never get in an IM conversation with any of them. For that matter, my skype address book has essentially gone stale. I haven't had a skype voice conversation in months, and only rare chats.

Considering how many people at this point are unemployed and probably sitting in front of a computer a lot more than they otherwise would be, where IS everybody?

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Side-channel IM services.

wolfwings June 18th, 2009
TeamSpeak or similair if they play most MMORPG's, or Steam's built-in chat system if they play games they purchased through there. Or Google Chat if they stay logged into GMail.

With what a pain in the ass all the 'original' IM clients have become towards unofficial clients over the last several months, many people have ended up on more open and/or integrated chat mediums I've noticed, since the broken features like file transfer and what-not at least work on their cell-phone/game client/whatever. And if that fails, there's e-mail for small to medium-sized files.

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