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Hey, I finally had one I can remember.

I was part of some group made up like the actors on Stargate. Don't know why as I always considered that show to be really stupid.

We were in the bottom levels of a parking garage chasing monsters that looked like an evil version of Sully from Monster's inc. I was completely out of ammunition for all of the various weapons I was carrying. One of my fellow whatever we weres gave me three rounds of ammunition for my .45 pistol and sent me back in. I got all the way to the top of the parking garage, found one of the monsters and hit it with all three rounds.

This made it really mad and it chased me back out of the parking garage. Now unlike most dreams where you are chased and you can only run very slowly, I could really book and made it all the way back out before I woke up.

This was apparently a somewhat active dream as I woke up with a pulled muscle in my back that still hurts.
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