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White Star Line


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(no subject)

  • 17:50 People get angry if you take the parkign space in front of their house around here - as in call the police angry #

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c_eagle May 30th, 2009
I've seen that before....
One time the neighbors two houses down came over to wake us up and chew out my ole girlfriend for that. I think she did it cuz it was a nice shady spot. If I hadn't been groggy I woulda called the police on THEM or otherwise got my fur riled up a lot more, but we looked at each other and just nodded as in "next time"... cuz we just wanted to roll back over and get some more sleep... so she moved the car, THAT time.
We never got another chance to call their bluff because they moved away a few weeks later...

dustmeat May 30th, 2009
No one owns the street.

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