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White Star Line


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  • 06:49 I got a deal on line for 6 Lbs of pens for $15 - they came yesterday, all high end retracting jobs. Lifetime supply - or till they dry out #
  • 06:50 @hakeber53714 Or just warm - I got those coolers that go under the laptop when its used on a desk - they work pretty well #
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allthingsshiny May 28th, 2009
six pounds of pens? that's amazing. you must share this deal ...

titanic May 30th, 2009
It was the daily deal on graveyardmall.com, I think it was only available that one day. I actually found that through twitter of all things as #pens was a trending topic. But seriously I got about 300 good retracting ballpoint pens for abotu a nickel each, with advertising on them from all over the country. A lot of them will get scattered all over the clinic tomorrow - and probably leave in the pockets of all the weekday employees soon after I suppose.

hakeber May 28th, 2009
Actually, this laptop is pretty cool. It never develops that really hot spot so many do.

An instructor of mine suggested I just clean it. He said one he had did the same, and when he opened it he found the fan had knitted a sweater.

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