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We bought the van sometime between the Northridge Earthquake and getting married in 1995.

Two long road trips are documented in one of those "we have been there" maps on the side of the vehicle. On the first of these, our honeymoon trip, one of the rear tires delaminated. We bought a pair of tires in Florida somewhere. We kept the surviving tire, sometime later when another tire quit, we put it back on.

On the other of these trips, up to Washington State for a convention, we had a third delamination (still no actual flat) and we bought a pair of tires in Northern California somewhere. Again, I kept the surviving tire, which got put on when we finally had an actual flat sometime later on.

A couple of days ago I had another flat. By the time I got off the road the tire was chewed up, so I just had to plunk down $258 for another pair of tires for this thing.

Well the weakest of the three surviving tires was bald, cracked and had chunks out of it - the sidewall had actually been rubbed clear of most of the markings as well. No surviving tire this time, nobody would want to remount that thing.

Whats interesting is that the two old tires still on the road don't match, which means one of them is from the pair bought in 1995.
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