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White Star Line


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Kitten Shawn

How to find missing Kittens

Ask Mr. Kirby.

Shawn & Gandalf had disappeared and I could not find them, so I vacummed the carpet.

They were promptly found.

I mean, these kittens had never heard the vacumn cleaner before in their lives. Are ALL cats hard programmed to fear the things?

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matthigh April 29th, 2009
> Are ALL cats hard programmed to fear the things?

Strangely enough, Yubi does not appear to mind the vacuum. Or the sink disposal. Or the lawnmowers. Or the weedwackers. Or the leafblowers.

But if someone walks outside and breaks a twig twenty feet away - she's on the alert!

clipfox April 29th, 2009
Yeah, none of my cats are scared of vacuum cleaners either.

kitfoxx April 29th, 2009
I dunno about cats. But my ferrets attack the vacuum! I have to be careful not to run over their little feeties or suck up their tails!

mecampbellesq April 29th, 2009
Are ALL cats hard programmed to fear the things?

Especially Kirbys. Those things are loud enough to wake the dead. <--Ex Kirby Salesman!

dustmeat April 29th, 2009
Good way to test for deafness.

vulpesrex April 30th, 2009
As noisy as a vacuum cleaner sounds to us, I'd hazard that tests with an acoustic spectrum analyser would show more energy ("noise") generated in that region which cats and dogs hear, but we can't - the near-ultrasonic.

When I was a kid, I had a neighbor who had one of the early Zenith "Space Commander" television consoles with a remote control "clicker". These were primitive things, with a short-tined tuning fork inside, and one button; you pushed it, and a spring-loaded hammer would strike the tuning-fork, and it wasn't so much a "click" as a very loud "SNAP". Each click would be picked up by an ultrasonic receiver, which would step the TV tuner through each of the 12 channels, and then to an "off" position. This was back in the mid-1960's.

Back then, A TV was a substantial piece of furniture, and grew quite warm on top, from all the vacuum tubes - just perfect for a cat to sprawl out on like a heating pad, and nap, oblivious to the humans in the room and what they were doing..until someone picked up the remote and pressed the button. The drowsing cat would then leap up and off the TV - or as like as not, fall of the TV, in a very undignified manner - and dash out of the room. OTher owners of such remote control TVs who also owned cats observed the same thing, and a letter to a newspaper pet-advice columnist was answered with the explanation that what was simply a loud "snap" to us, sounded like an elephant gun going off to the cat.

This was later used to good effect by an adult friend who had a very nice model-railroad setup, but had to suffer his cat perching across the tracks in kitty-defined comfort zones, and to which an approaching n-scale model was just an interesting challenge to bat at. He located an old Zenith remote control "clicker", and could drive the cat off the track from across the layout, with but one or two "clicks".

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