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White Star Line


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Kitten Gandalf


Shawn (on the left) named after a friend, Zappowappy (bottom) named after someone I know in SL, Waby (top, just a name I liked) and in the user icon Gandalf, which was Jaspurrs original name and this kitten is colored almost exactly the same.

And the dominant one by far, "Beebles" whos about 20% bigger than all the rest of them already.

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mecampbellesq April 2nd, 2009
(sigh!) Looking at these make me regret that my apartment doesn't let me have pets...

c_eagle April 2nd, 2009
Even nicer pix this time... cute!

khyle April 2nd, 2009
Awwww! :) I want me some kittens!

twylightsoul April 6th, 2009
So cute! I miss babies!

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