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White Star Line


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Browser games

Apparently are intended for people who are in front of a computer ALL DAY. They seem to be set up to require about 5 minutes of interaction every hour or so like the "Tamagucci" games (or however that was spelled). If you can only log on once or twice a day you usually just see the wreckage from stuff that happened when you couldn't get to the computer, and in the case of "AstroEmpires" I even got booted out of a guild for not advancing fast enough.

Not like I got the time to play those anyway.

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ben_raccoon March 3rd, 2009
I used to mess around on Cyber Nations for a while. Apparently, the alliance thingy that I joined expected us to be at the computer all day every day, and ready to respond at the drop of a hat. This for a 'game' that only had about five minutes of content per day, tops.

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