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White Star Line


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At least it's over for now

The key stuck in the ignition when I dropped the car off yesterday - which it has done before. So I had them replace the ignition tumbler. Unrelated to the other problems but it was something else that could potentially stop the car.

After another 2 mile walk in midday heat, it was nice to have an air conditioned car to drive around. It feels odd to have the JSALEM car here when martes is not.

I took the opportunity to go to the 99 cent store and stock up on frozen food. It's not great stuff, but $1 meals sort of fit my budget at the moment, especially considering what the car repairs cost. But at this point nothing should be wrong with it that would actually stop the car. If it wasn't so late already I'd test drive it down to Fry's, but that's ok since I couldn't buy anything when I got there anyway.

Loaner car goes back tomorrow morning. We have had it long enough to learn the new car will not be a 3 door. Oh well.

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A tad unrelated

unciaa September 10th, 2002
Since you do a lot of monetary exchange over PayPal, you might be interested in this:

Re: A tad unrelated

titanic September 10th, 2002
"To make matters worse, those involved claim they been fobbed off by PayPal as they try and reach a settlement."

Obviously a british site.

Actually I have found something called http://www.c2it.com/ run by citibank that is everything PayPal used to be. I am hesitant to switch everything over as they will just start charging fees later I'm sure, but I set an account up there anyway.

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