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White Star Line


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TC - Irritated

Bank doctor?

I was at Wells Fargo this morning and I noticed every chair in the place had a white lab coat draped over it with a nametag on it saying "Dr. (whoever)". To their credit, none of the bank employees were wearing the things. They legitimately seemed embarrassed that someone in marketing even came up with the idea that they wear them.

I mean I am hesitant to wear a white lab coat and I'm an actual licensed professional who does mostly lab work! But to have an actual nametag that says doctor on it? Who came up with that BS?

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loriana February 19th, 2009
wow..no kidding...

..and i know what you mean... i have a lab coat at work...i dont wear it. it just gets in the way. :P

titanic February 19th, 2009
When I'm going straight from the clinic to my "day job" and back and I'm wearing a uniform for that day job I want to keep clean, I wear a white lab coat. Because:

1. Nobody can see me.

2. Anything that gets spilled on me is really obvious.

3. White lab coats cost about 1/3 what one does in any other color - at all. so when (2) happens I just grab another one.

4. White lab coats are intended to be bleached to death, keeping them disinfected. They don't fade, bleaching makes them look better

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