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I let the kittens outside around 2PM for play time while I cleaned up the yard. There is construction going on behind the house and when the equipment started up the kittens disappeared. Since we just spent like $2,800 for an escape proof cat fence I thought it safe to assume they had run indoors.

Well I could find Sugar, but not Jasper. A thorough search of every nook & cranny in the entire house produced no male cat. Every possible place he could have gone was checked, no cat.

After a full hour of searching, I finally decided that through some magic he had gotten out of the yard. I then started checking the neighborhood while his sister nonchalantly slept away.

After an hour of searching the neighborhood, I came home expecting to call martes to tell her to come home early, I had lost the cat and to help me look while there was still light out.

I opened the front door to find him sitting on the couch next to the door, having returned from whatever location in the Forbidden Zone he decided to hide in, content in that he had ruined my one day off I get a week.

Not to be content with that, when I called martes to report the series of events, he decided he didn't like me ratting on him and hung the phone up for me.
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