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White Star Line


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TC - with garbage

WoW - Not Interested

I downloaded the trial version and played it for 10 days. Then I ran through another trial account partway, then deleted it all. I really don't see the attraction.

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zorinlynx December 10th, 2008
I don't get it either.

The time commitment to get anywhere in that game is insane. The main way to get rewarded in that world is to put more time into it. That's it.

I'd much rather play a game with a good story, that has a beginning and an end, like Fallout 3, GTA4, etc.

There's a social aspect to WoW... But that need of mine is satisfied in other ways.

mecampbellesq December 10th, 2008
I'm forced to admit that I played WoW for a fair bit before I got bored and left. It's a shining example of what I like to refer to as a 'gourmet cheeseburger':
First-class materials and production, but if you've 'eaten a cheeseburger' before, you aren't going to see anything new here...I held out for as long as I did after various folks told me 'Just stick it out, in a few levels the game gets a LOT more fun!' but after fifty-five levels of 'kill x number of monster y' quests no amount of awesome was worth the time I had to sink into it...and this is coming from someone with a Class A Gaming weenie license.

Glad I'm not the only one immune to WoW.

wolfwings December 10th, 2008
Been through a couple of trial accounts myself, no dice here either.

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