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White Star Line


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I actually work about 30 hours on weekends.

Sundays I get up around 5AM, go to my original clinic (that I still consider home) and take care of the cats, then go to my main non-veterinary job for 8 hours, then return back to the clinic to do night kennel & treatments on everybody.

Well just before I left this past Sunday morning, the last cat I treated voided her entire bladder on me as I was putting her back in the kennel. She was frail and on an IV line, so all I could do was just move as quickly as I could to get her back in. By which point I had discovered that a single layer cheapie lab coat does not really absorb all that much, but my pants did.

No time to change before I had to be at the other job at 8, so I spent the next 10 hours in those pants. Fortunately being on an IV line, the urine was rather dilute, so the smell was minimal, though the sheer volume of it was impressive. I have to wear black pants at the retail job anyway, so nobody noticed.....

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c_eagle October 21st, 2008
30 hours! No wonder we don't see ya 'roun here as much these days...

loiosh_de_talto October 21st, 2008
eww eww eww

caerdwyn October 21st, 2008
I keep an extra shirt and pants rolled up into a bundle in my goes-everywhere-with-me backpack. More for spilled Indian food than for cat pee, but...

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