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Well, that was a relief at least

Saturday I got paperwork from Sallie Mae, the student loan people. I thought before I opened the envelope that it was about Roz's loan not being in deferment anymore. When I opened the envelope it was regarding a $7,276.29 student loan I had for classes at Masters Institute.

It's had me in a bad mood all weekend which made me snap at some total stranger when we went to dinner that evening. Fortunately when I called Sallie Mae this morning (which was the soonest I could do it) they confirmed that the loan is forgiven when the school goes out of business. Since there will be NO trouble confirming that event, I can stop worrying about this.

I had been a bit concerned when the student loans still showed up on my credit report as being in forbearance (delayed) but still considered to be active loans. What triggered this was University of Phoenix (I don't recommend them either) finally reporting that I was no longer a student, and so the loan became active.

They are sending me some forms to fill out, after which the student loans should just disappear. Till then, they show as valid loans, which reduces my credit rating, but there isn't anybody to complain to about that (except the people who read this)

As soon as the student loans disappear, they will probably be replaced by a car loan, so my credit rating will not actually change :-/ I need the 94 Saturn to go back to work with, and martes is probably getting used to driving a 2000 model, which is the loaner car she has right now, except she is driving an SL1 and we have already figured the SL2 features are too handy to be without.

I really like the 3 door model though we already figured out it doesn't work right if the car is parked on an uphill slant unless someone holds the front door open. But that's a very minor point.
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