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White Star Line


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Glad I found out in time

Seems my FWD phone number is only going to be good for a couple more weeks. "Free World Dialup" is no longer free as of the end of this month.

Glad I found out before I bought an IP phone!

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(Deleted comment)
titanic August 13th, 2008
I actually found out when I started looking for an IP phone.

My Gizmo accounts (I have two) have SIP addresses associated with them, if I can get an IP phone to work with that I may still get one (or more)

Can you call 17476636473@proxy01.sipphone.com with your phone? I'm guessing you can't dial the letters, but you can communicate with that address somehow. it does have a real phone number assigned to it by ipkall.

c_eagle August 13th, 2008
bleah. another netzero and juno type of failure, sounds like.... ;/

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