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White Star Line


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Total Information Awareness

Interesting (and ineffective) anti-fraud measure

I work at multiple clinics, and the VMB only sent me one copy of my license, so I had to make a copy for clinic #2.

Well golly gee - when you photocopy the thing, invisible "VOID" words appear all over it. These are not even visible on the original document.

Nor are they on a color copy, meaning anyone who wants to copy their documents is going to spend at least 50 cents doing it, instead of about 8.

Or you use Photoshop, which anybody making a fake one is going to do anyway.

And nowhere in anything they sent me is anything marked "do not copy". I fact, I don't think I have ever seen an original document publicly posted anywhere I've been. They have all been copies, usually with the address information obliterated out.

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feren August 9th, 2008
And if you were to request additional "original" documents, they'd be $40 a pop. Hooray, foolishness!

I figure since there's no warning or marking telling you "Do not copy," well then... it's no harm, no foul.

vulpesrex August 10th, 2008
Back when the FCC required radio and TV broadcasters to have licensed broadcast (radio) engineers, it was mandatory that the license be posted (or in a readily accessible file) at the transmitter site. Since it was not uncommon for transmitters to be co-located on mountain tops, like Mt. Wilson, it was understandable that one technician ("Engineer") might work multiple sites. You were permitted to hang "facsimile" copies of your license, with the implication that what was a copy WAS in fact only a copy, but a real one, with all the same ID and Class of License and expiration date, actually existed somewhere, and could be produced for inspection in a timely manner. It was also common to hang the technician's radio licenses on the wall above the workbench at Radio Service Facilities, such as Motorola Service Centers, or at a Public Safety (Government) radio shop.

My license makes no mention on its face about copying or not copying. The requirement is listed in the CFR, and since the changes in the 1934 communications act made in the '80's, it is no longer required, especially since the FCC issues an ID Card now.

What entity regulates your profession? There ought to be something that you could look up online, regarding the requirement to post your certificate, perhaps in the California State Business and Professions Code?

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