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I host all of my web stuff on the same system these days, and in order to get all of them in there, I have to host them on subdomains, even though I only want them to resolve on the actual top level domain name.

Inmotionhosting won't let me delete the unneeded subdomain, but they will let me redirect them somewhere else, so I came up with this:

http://spacewolf.rozgibson.com My own ebay page, currently selling nothing, but thats going to change. The sales, not the redirect

http://kimba.rozgibson.com My furaffinity page, pretty bare, as I'm not an artist

http://huzzah.rozgibson.com martes VCL art

http://huzzah1.rozgibson.com My wheresgeorge page, not all that active anymore. Should get back into that as well, considering my main job these days is retail and I handle a lot of money.

http://huzzah2.rozgibson.com My Geocaching profile page. Not all that active in that lately due to working every day of the week and having limited transportaiton resources. The latter at least changes in 51 days, or shortly thereafter.

Incidentally, this user icon has nothing to do with the post, I just saw it on a document recently and though tit looked neat. I'm sure I will have a legitimate use for it soon enough.
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