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White Star Line


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Pulled the plug on another Skype line

As I slowly de-geek myself back to a lifestyle where I'm usually *not* at home.

There was a mad Skype craze on Secondlife just before Sl integrated voice into everything, which pretty much stopped all of the people I used skype with from using it anymore.  I am home now so infrequently, and so busy when I AM home, that the once useful chat function of Skype no has no value for me.  At this point ther are far better IP telephone services available anyway.  Just browse around the internet for news about Skype, you will find the vast majority of everything dates from 2006. 

If you get grandcentral / IPKall & Gizmo5 and use them together, you now have the ability to call anywhere you want with your regular phone for free ad infinitum.

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(Deleted comment)

Well I set it up

titanic August 5th, 2008
I'm number 917302, and I can call in & out via a softphone now. My Pulver address looks like my sipphone.com addresses, so I'm guessing I got three now, since I just tried calling Gizmo from FWD and it worked.

So if you have a SIP phone plugged right into the router - you don't need the FWD software at all?

Do you have a regular phone number for it? If not you can get one fro free from IPKall as long as you don't mind people thinking you live in Seattle.

c_eagle August 5th, 2008
Skype did work for the most part, but it was pretty cpu-intensive, and strangely, I never could get the paid features working when I was willing to try them (2cent calls to land lines). It was also verrrrrry system-invasive, putting little contextual menus everywhere... I hate that! ;P

Have you tried the MajicJack thing? I set it up for someone yesterday and it seems to work pretty well!

I got one

titanic August 5th, 2008
I'm looking at discontinuing vonage, the only thing holding me back is that all of the alternatives, like Magicjack, require the computer to stay on.

Also, Magicjack can't transplant the number from Vonage yet, one that I have had for 14 years and don't want to change. (It was originally my LACellular number)

Re: I got one

c_eagle August 6th, 2008
Well.. do keep us posted...
I don't know if the person for whom I set it up is going to keep it. They are very computer illiterate and skeptical, and may not be able to handle it. Sure is a sweet option if you *can* keep the machine on though... what is it, $40 to buy and then just $20 per year? That's what he told me..


titanic August 6th, 2008
Thats why I'm debating giving up vonage. $20 a year for unlimited calling as opposed to $16 a month for 500 minutes (which in all honesty I've never come close to using). My ONLY hangup is that the computer needs to be on. As far as I know Vonage remains the only provider that uses a standaloen device that does not require the computer.

Well my Philips 841 doesn't, but thats a skype phone.

(Deleted comment)
titanic August 6th, 2008
I was considering getting a Linksys SPA901 just to play around with it. I got a SIP number with my gizmo account too, I might not have needed a FWD account, but now I have one.

In any event, who can I call with that - just other SIP phones? I used IPKall to get a regular number assigned so that you can call ne me from a regular phone, but so far I don't know how to call out to anyone else with it without using grandcentral.com - that essentially just calls both ends of the conversation and links you up - so I'm really just getting another inbond call.

Can you call 17476636473@proxy01.sipphone.com from your phone?

I'm guessing yes as I just called gizmo from FWD and it worked, and the reverse worked as well.

SIP phone numbers look like email addresses, its too bad they can't at least set them up to double as email forwards. It woudl make them a lot easier to remember.

Edited at 2008-08-06 02:32 pm (UTC)

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