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Web Sites & Redirects

 I have 11 domain names.  I’ve had them all for well over a decade, in most cases I’m the person who originally created them.  Way back when I had like 35 of them, but most are gone now.


FURRADIO.COM/NET/ORG went when the streaming video of the pawpet show took its audience and it went off the air.  HVMP.COM is now “Hudson Valley Motor Parts” (it was a name I registered because HVMP was the signal flag combination for the Titanic).  FURRYMUCK.COM/NET/ORG well, everybody wants to forget that I created the domain and owned it for about 8 years before anybody objected.  CONFURENCE.COM/NET/ORG were originally mine as well.  I bet that surprises a few people.  No idea who has those now., net & org disappeared awhile ago as well. So what’s left? offered free domain names briefly, so I grabbed the one that matched up with our SL aircraft business.  Site has never been developed and I’m pretty much off SL, so it’s not going anywhere.  Surprise, this belongs to Martes With the magazine gone, it now promotes Roz’s Cat deck.  As a 15 year old top level domain, it gets a lot of hits just for existing. Redirects to my Linked in page Redirects to my Facebook page Originally created to promote the very short lived Dan Flahive comic, this now redirects to my alternate Myspace page which now belongs to the Kittens.  No lie, go look. Created to be a website about my anthro character, at the moment it has a copy of the site on it until I decide what else to do. Originally for Titanic stuff, it has a memorial page about my cat, and its going to stay like that.  Shouldn’t be too difficult to guess what this originally was.  Now it’s another redirect. to something called "" which I'm exploring. Redirects to Martes furaffinity page.  Well its supposed to, for now its her LJ page until FA comes back up. Will be redirecting to Martes eBay stuff.  This is a recent acquisition, for the longest time this belonged to a Las Vegas real estate broker.


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