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Web Sites & Redirects

 I have 11 domain names.  I’ve had them all for well over a decade, in most cases I’m the person who originally created them.  Way back when I had like 35 of them, but most are gone now.


FURRADIO.COM/NET/ORG went when the streaming video of the pawpet show took its audience and it went off the air.  HVMP.COM is now “Hudson Valley Motor Parts” (it was a name I registered because HVMP was the signal flag combination for the Titanic).  FURRYMUCK.COM/NET/ORG well, everybody wants to forget that I created the domain and owned it for about 8 years before anybody objected.  CONFURENCE.COM/NET/ORG were originally mine as well.  I bet that surprises a few people.  No idea who has those now.  White-lion.com, net & org disappeared awhile ago as well. So what’s left?


Tumansky.com: register.com offered free domain names briefly, so I grabbed the one that matched up with our SL aircraft business.  Site has never been developed and I’m pretty much off SL, so it’s not going anywhere.


Rozgibson.com:  Surprise, this belongs to Martes


Huzzah.com: With the magazine gone, it now promotes Roz’s Cat deck.  As a 15 year old top level domain, it gets a lot of hits just for existing.


Huzzah.net: Redirects to my Linked in page


Huzzah.org: Redirects to my Facebook page


Spacewolf.com: Originally created to promote the very short lived Dan Flahive comic, this now redirects to my alternate Myspace page which now belongs to the Kittens.  No lie, go look.


Custer.org: Created to be a website about my anthro character, at the moment it has a copy of the white-star.org site on it until I decide what else to do.


White-star.org: Originally for Titanic stuff, it has a memorial page about my cat, and its going to stay like that.


Kimba.org:  Shouldn’t be too difficult to guess what this originally was.  Now it’s another redirect. to something called "tribe.net" which I'm exploring.


Jacksalem.net: Redirects to Martes furaffinity page.  Well its supposed to, for now its her LJ page until FA comes back up.


Jacksalem.com: Will be redirecting to Martes eBay stuff.  This is a recent acquisition, for the longest time this belonged to a Las Vegas real estate broker.

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