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Social Networking

Time was I spent every minute I was on the internet playing ‘Second life”. Well, the game finally lost its attraction and I’ve left it behind. I am now re-discovering the rest of the internet, including the social networking sites that have emerged while I wasn’t paying attention.

1. LinkedIn: This seems to be the only professional networking site I can find. Nothing entertainment related on it at all, it is intended purely to maintain professional contacts. So far I am impressed, I now have contacts at USDA and the state vet board and I’ve only been on it a week or so. This is probably in part due to the fact I have an actual veterinary license at this point, setting me apart from the untrained teenage girls you find in just about every vet clinic. This site looks like it will be very useful professionally. I’m actually going to put my linkedin address on my business card.
2. Facebook: About a month ago all of my vintage music & dance friends made a mass exodus from Myspace for Facebook. Facebook is cleaner and simpler to use, but for some bizarre reason it only comes up in one resolution optimized for an 800x600 screen. The 14 year old monitors I just threw out did 1024x768!. It does seem to be the premier social networking site for events & social contact though.
3. Myspace: Still best for bands, it seems to have been supplanted by Facebook for everything else.
4. Friendster: This site was in serious decline before I ever got an account on it, and seems to be pretty much dead. The only contacts I have on it are completists who also have accounts on everything else mentioned in this post.
5. Plaxo Pulse: A late entry to the social networking field, plaxo used to be a great site for keeping your outlook address book synchronized between various computers until they decided they wanted to be facebook. They suck at it, and I use Google for mail now anyway which is all web based so there is nothing to sync.
6. Tribe.net: Seems to be oriented towards local events, but with a lot of adverts and a clunky interface. Haven’t found anybody I know on it that isn’t on all the other ones, like friendster.
7. Gaia Online: Seems to be for children. I got an account on this when someone signed up using my hotmail address to avoid spam I suppose. I suddenly got invited to a lot of events for Canadian teenagers.
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