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160,000 miles - and it isn't running

I'm glad this happened to me and not to martes.

The replacement alternator is dead. The car ran off the battery until the battery was totally shot, then it stopped dead cold. The car alarm even went off as it thought the battery was disconnected.

I walked home from where this happened, fortunately only about 2 miles away from home, and got the car alarm that we never use. Went to Radio Shack and replaced the battery (which I knew had to be dead by now) and went back to the Saturn. the car alarm would indeed shut off, but touching the car set it off again,a and the car would not start. Thinking this was an alarm problem, I tried to use the secret shutoff switch for the alarm, only to find the wires had been ripped out of it. So I tried to use the bare wires to shut off the alarm, and it did not work.

I though it was because the shut off switch was destroyed by some helpful mechanic, but AAA came and revealed that the battery was totally dead. We jump started the car, and as soon as he took the cables off, the car stopped. We determined the brand new alternator was not functioning at all.

The battery was SO dead that it took over an hour of charging it off the van to get enough power in the car to drive it less than a mile to get it back to the Saturn dealership. It even took multiple tries to figure out how much power it was going to take to even get this to happen.

I finally managed to get the car back to the dealership, and onto the lot before the battery was dead again. Didn't even have enough power to get the windows to go back up.

After spending all this time running around outside and working on two vehicles in all black clothing (it's what I happened to be wearing today) I looked pretty bad by the time I got into the Saturn dealership - so they didn't mess with me. I got a loaner car for martes to use tomorrow while they correct their fuck up.

As it happens, this car isn't too different from what we were planning to buy later - except it's an SL1 and not an SL2. Seems we really like the additional features an SL2 has - like being able to unlock the passenger door from the driver's side.

All of this took 6 hours - so this is how I spent my day.
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