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White Star Line


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For 3 people, I will run the A/C

If its just me, I'll get by with fans, as the elecrical bill for just today was probably 12-15$

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c_eagle June 22nd, 2008
Is that for central air? We don't have central air, so I don't know.

At my ole house I had one room a/c unit in a window, and in summer my rates tripled, from about $15/mo to about $40/mo. So I figure a room air machine costs about $30 to $40 a month?

feren June 22nd, 2008
Usually I can get by with just windows open, curtains drawn and ceiling fans spinning at full speed. If I remember I'll turn on the fan in the HVAC.

Unfortunately in the last year the number of fur-equipped four-legged critters in my home has tripled and they don't cope with the heat quite the same way I do. And then there's lady_curmudgeon, who is on meds that screw up her metabolic ability to cope with heat (impedes her ability to sweat). This makes my comfort level pretty much moot and forces me to run the central airconditioner on days when I wouldn't. Fortunately this month's electric bill doesn't reflect a punishing increase, just a mild one. To be honest even with this reassurance in hand I am worried about the rest of the summer.

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