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I'm up late printing martes books for Anthrocon. Reminiscent of the old Huzzah days. I won't be printing a book like this again.

Its OK this time around - I have lots of paper, and at present I have enough toner. Iv'e gone through two of the four bottles of toner refill I still have from years ago for the one C4096 cartrige I have. I hope it holds out for the rest of it. Her work has a lot of big black areas on it and I have already refilled this cartridge twice. Its a slow tedious process, and I'll have to hand collate some 3000 pages when I'm done. In addition, the built up heat in the printer is wrinkling some of the pages which I will have to reprint tomorrow night. Part of the reason I'm doing this at 2AM. I can do this at work now SO much faster.

Besides which, while printing I've looked around and my old source for toner refill no longer carries toner for my HP2200D, which is now at least 10 years old. I also have a box of about two reams worth of paper thats got bad print on one side, I doubt I have any real use for it. I no longer have any real need for scrap paper in that sort of volume, previously I would print stuff like star fleet battles game sheets & the like on that, but that purpose is now long gone.

Not to mention HP toner carts are not meant to be refilled by the user, meaning I now have black dust everywhere.
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