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White Star Line


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TC - Curious

Gaia online?

Occasionally someone signs up for an online service and doesn't want to give their email address, and gives custer@hotmail.com out. Its an address I've had for about 20 years, going back to before Hotmail was owned by Microsoft.

So I started getting email from gaiaonline.com recently. Apparently I now have a gaiaonline account some 18 year old kid in Canada signed up for and gave my email address.

I don't even know what it is - outside of it being some sort of networking program. It appears oriented heavily towards Anime and children, making it pretty much useless to me, but it was an interesting way to find out about it.

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lockemaison June 11th, 2008
i believe it's some sort of mmorpg

hakeber June 11th, 2008
My son has an account there. So do many of his friends. It seems to be mostly aimed at the teens and college crowd.

lordgloria June 11th, 2008
I'm on Gaia OnLine -- have been since around 2004. The kids are supposed to be at least 13, but there are a lot of adults on it too (obviously). It's an on line hang-out for games, movie promotions, role-playing and what-not. You also create an avatar and get clothes and items for it.

It's fun. I use it mainly for role playing, since all my RL players have "Grown Up" and stopped.

doronjosama June 12th, 2008
I have a Gaia account too (since 2003, ugh!), but I mostly use it to check out what the young'uns are interested in anime and manga-wise.

Weirdly, someone was trying to hack my Gaia account recently, since they emailed me to let me know someone was trying to log in with the wrong password multiple times in a very short time frame. *shrug* They won't get anything off me, it's sad.

lordgloria June 12th, 2008
Ew, hackers. My niece has an account on Gaia, and someone tried to hack her recently. Fortunately, I've been "hack-free" so far. (Knock wood.) I run an Eroica guild on Gaia. :)

titanic June 12th, 2008
Well, apparently I am now Kiefer7, though I have no idea what to do with the thing.

lordgloria June 12th, 2008
I'll send you a Friends Request from one of my identities (probably Lord Gloria). Accept it, and I can answer any questions you have. That is, if you want to mess with the thing. :)

(I am also Pirate Jackie Sparrow, The Desert Peach, Immortal Methos, Kyootee & Pagan Elf. What can I say? I obsess a lot.)

titanic June 13th, 2008
I actually got "Jack sparrow" as an avatar name in secondlife. Its one of the reasons I still haven't given that game up.

Incidentally, it may be "keifer7" not "kiefer7"

lordgloria June 13th, 2008
Ah! I'll try that spelling. :)

titanic June 14th, 2008
Found you - but I still don't know what to do with this. Seems to be an adolescent version of Facebook with Neopets thrown in

lordgloria June 14th, 2008
Don't know what to tell ya, man. I use it for role-playing and simple games. My needs are very simple.

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