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Email to SMS wierdness

I used to be a computer geek, but have long since passed that flag to the next generation. Sicne that includes several people reading this, maybe one of you can explain.

My cell phone is an "Iwireless" cheapie from Ralphs. Supposedly its carreid on the sprint network, but thats invisible to me.

If I email my phone from gmail.com, it works just fine.

If I email my phone from spamarrest.com, it vanishes without a trace. No bounce message, and nothing shows up. Ditto with the california roadrunner email (ca.rr.com).

If I email my phone from evilemail.com, which incidentally is now carried by google, it bounces from some domain called "telcordia.com" as being from a suspected spam source.

Now (1) above is normal functionality, and (3) above I can well understand, and at least the sender is informed that they did not in fact get in touch with me.

But that second one is disconcerting. Nothing shows up at either end. Meaning I can't give my cell phone email address out and count on it being reliable. So far only gmail HAS worked.
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