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White Star Line


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160,000 miles and 8 years old

It's held up well, but the Saturn is starting to wear out. Leaking valve cover, moderate transmission problems, alternator failing, interior just shows a LOT of wear & tear. But it's still running.

This is supposed to be come MY car around the end of the year - when we get a near-new Saturn for martes. She deserves the new car, and if for no other reason, she will have a 30 mile a day commute to a protected parking lot, and I will commute 80+ miles a day to a high crime area. provided I even drive myself - I will definately look into public transportation.

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gen September 7th, 2002
An 80 mile commute? Ouch! Do you get rembursed for travel costs? That's a couple of hours on the road every day at least!

Yes, it is

titanic September 7th, 2002
And it will quite possibly involve huge amounts of overtime to the point of having essentially no life for awhile. I'll also work every holiday weekend.

And I'm glad to have it.

salemkitty September 7th, 2002
Public transportation is the best. It's what I used for a good four months before moving closer to work, then I just rode my bike.

martes September 7th, 2002
Santa Clarita + Los Angeles + Public Transportation = NOTHING


titanic September 8th, 2002
Riding bicycles has worked out well for you then?

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