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White Star Line


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Sl Red Fox

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Reuters has calculated that of the 50,000 people supposedly online at any given time, at LEAST 20,000 are camping bots. Not people camping, but actual bots.

"Second Life shed 1,656 paid accounts in March, the fourth month in a row more people got out of the land trade than entered it. Total premium accounts stand at 89,875, below last summer’s 94,607 peak.

Second Life’s population at March’s end grew to just over 13 million, although that number includes an unknown number of inactive accounts widely thought to be about 90 percent. But in March only 408,000 new accounts were created, the smallest gain in absolute numbers since September 2007, and the smallest monthly percent gain since Second Life’s debut in April 2001."

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shockwave77598 May 1st, 2008
If SL doesn't start running better, I'll be downgrading to Free myself. I'm incensed that I have to pay for performance this bad. The 400L a week (when I get it) isn't enough to justify putting good money into bad programming.

titanic May 2nd, 2008
I get 500 on every account but the last two, I get 400 on those, probably created about the same time you got in the game.

Its the 500 a week stipend PLUS the fact someone else needs the land tier off all those accounts that makes me keep them. I'm hardly in SL at all anymore, my friends are gone and the thing runs so poorly on the computers I normally use its pointless.

Edited at 2008-05-02 02:58 pm (UTC)

c_eagle May 2nd, 2008
Time for them to get a clue, ah?

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