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White Star Line


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Anybody remember this guy?

Looking around for internet radio stations to program into my aging Audiotron, I came across a long forgotten name of a person I hadn't heard of or from in about 20 years.

Would you believe DAC Crowell is still around?

The above link goes to a long interview which of course makes NO mention of his heavy involvement in furry fandom back in those pre-internet days.

"The fall of Shartoa" has apparently been renamed "The mechansim of starlight" or some such.

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lockemaison April 27th, 2008
i recall the name but i dont remember anything about him.

anyway, why would an article mention furry fandom about him since it's about him as a musician anyway? I think the two hobbies might be unrelated.

titanic April 27th, 2008
His entire start in creating ambient space music was writing a soundtrack for "Birthright" and his school project was creating the never produced "Xanadu Opera". This was around 1987-1989 so I doubt many people at all would remember it and it was never talked about since. But its a big chunk of his formulative beginning that that lengthy interview just completely omits.

I could fill pages writing aboute Xanadu Opera fiasco.

sebkha April 27th, 2008
I'd actually be curious to hear about that, if you ever find the time and the appropriate forum for the rant.

vulpesrex April 27th, 2008
BIRTHRIGHT had a soundtrack???

Actually - I've wondered what a soundtrack score for "EMPIRES - ACE OF SPADES" would sound like.

Not every story can be adapted for an Opera, Operetta, or even Musical Theater - and there has to be something of the "theater" in any story before even beginning to set music for it. THE LION KING could be adapted for an Opera, but it would be difficult. Chuck Melville's character, Felicia, is almost tailor-made for an Opera about her - his drawings of her ARE "Operatic" in scope and effect, almost Wagnerian in fact - but the story MELARI'S WISH would tax any Librettist for a Lyrical rescripting, before musical composition could even begin.

Xanadu as an Opera - I can't quite see (or hear) it.

lordgloria April 27th, 2008
As I recall, DAC was doing all this WITHOUT Vicky's approval or permission. Then he got pissy because all his "hard work" wasn't properly appreciated.

When the copyright holder says No, that means NO!

titanic April 28th, 2008
In 1988 I was running what was the only multiline furry BBS in existance in those pre-internet days. It was also the first ever networked furry bbs, with "Foxes Den" up in Cupertino. It was well on its way to establishing itself as the central point of all fandom related communications, with Reed Waller even using it, when this happened.

Somewhere I misconfigured something, and DAC was able to see a previously hidden Xanadu message board. In it he read about the layouts for the Everchanging Palace being ready.

Now he had been asking for some time for the blueprints to said IMAGINARY BUILDING so he coudl make a set for his Opera. Well the everchanging palace is EVER CHANGING and there IS no floor plan.

What was being referred to was the layouts for the magazine. But he was convinced it was something being deliberately hidden from him and threatened to sue. For one million dollars no less. While that was a rediculous concept, it did result in everyone losing faith in the security of the system and within a year I had to take it down.

darrelx April 27th, 2008
Wow... I'd totally put all that Xanadu Opera fiasco way out of my mind.

It's a pleasant thought, though, that furry fandom was fucked up even before ConFurence started. ;)

lordgloria April 27th, 2008
*is disappointed in the universe* *again*

Edited at 2008-04-27 07:44 am (UTC)

yippee April 27th, 2008
there's a name I haven't heard in a while.

By the way, has anyone seen Eric Blumrich around?

darrelx April 27th, 2008
He's still way over-the-top on his bush-hating business:


Yup... bushflash.com is Eric's own little "I hate Bush" soapbox, complete with paid advertising.

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