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White Star Line


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My windows 2000 CD has an actual CRACK in it. I was having problems getting it to read but I thought it was merely scratched. I'm trying to make a copy of it so I can use it again as I need it to upgrade a machine here.

What's bizarre is that the crack goes from the inside out. Never seen that before, cracks always start from the outside in. This is particularly bad as CD's write from the inside out (unlike a phonograph record, for example) and the crack affects at least three files, one of which is the driver.cab file and particularly important.

If I can get it to work at all though, the damaged files will not be an issue as the updates to windows 200 will overwrite all of them with newer versions anyway.

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mandrill September 7th, 2002
Telephone Microsoft and more-than-likely they will send you a new one. It helps to have your serial number. I had lost my Windows 2K Pro CD a few months ago and Microsoft actually mailed me a replacement disk...but they did ask for the serial number that was printed on the box. They didn't even charge me postage.

good point mandrill makes..

c_eagle September 8th, 2002
I really hope they send ya a new CD.. :/
I think they go way outa their way to make some things un-copyable.. The new Norton CD doesn't seem to be copyable. :P

Waaaay back when Windows could be installed from diskettes I also wanted to make a backup set, but they were in some sort of impossible compression. One of the disks has gone bad, so now if I had to re install again (which I had to once), when I get to that specific disk, that part takes about 5 hours alone.

Best wishes to you on getting a replacement CD as soon as poss.

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