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White Star Line


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Where I go on Sunday Night (when I can)

I used to go to the Argyle hotel on Monday nights for this club - After the Argyle was effectively destroyed in 2005, it took awhile for them to find and settle into a new place for a weekly venue.

The Oviatt is about 4 times the size of the old place.  Not quite the cozy feelingit used to have, but unlike a recreation of a 1928 building, this IS a 1928 building, anbd important (for me) is that it has outside parking across the street - since what I drive these days can't get into an underground lot.

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vulpesrex April 4th, 2008
Is this per chance the Oviatt Building on Olive, between 6th and 7th streets, in downtown LA? The place that used to be the home of "Il Rex", the most expensive restaurant in LA, and has that beautiful moorish penthouse of Mr. Oviatt's up on the roof?

The building behind it is the One Wilshire "Tower", and I used to work on the 15th floor; we had a nice view down to that rooftop, and I know that some pretty high-end parties and receptions were held there some nights.

That building is a real treasure.

titanic April 4th, 2008
The Arglyle hotel (on Sunset) had a repro 20's diner attached to it, it was small and held maybe a hundered people tops. The Oviatt main hall is not only original 1928 but holds several times as many people. Its mroe authentic but less personal. Just the same, they fact its on Sunday nights actually fits the schedule I have now. Only problem with the Oviatt is there is no real provision for going there alone. You can, but there is no place to sit and see the performance. The place is set up so that you sit at a dining table (with other people) and then get up to dance, then go back to your table. Theres no place for singles outside of the bar, which is out of view of the orchestra.

First night there I noticed the elevator had the old manual handle in it - first one of those I've seen since the 60's outsid eof bugs bunny cartoons. I surprised them by acutally knowiong how to operate it, though I thought it prudent not to leave the car on a different floor than the regular operator was expecting to find it on.

ruggels April 4th, 2008
If my schedule and buidget permitted I'd join you, but this job does not permit either. Goodl luck and have fun.


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