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White Star Line


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TC - Curious

Odd thing to find in Santa Clarita

Middle four pages of a russian childrens book - found in front of the Claim Jumper restaurant in whats actually considered Stevensons Ranch. I think I scanned them in reverse order, now that I look at it. I find it interesting that when Russians draw anthro animals, they don't tend to give them human appendages. Note they do not have hands.

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doronjosama March 27th, 2008
That art is excellent! Thanks for scanning these in, it's cool to see.

randomposting March 27th, 2008
What cool images!!!

c_eagle March 28th, 2008
Interesting place to find it!

chipuni March 29th, 2008
The most unusual is the first (last?) picture in the series, with the mixture of anthropomorphic and non-anthropomorphic characters.

I wish that I read Russian!

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