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White Star Line


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Blake mad

Writer's Block: Stolen Goods

What is the most valuable thing you've ever had stolen from you?

1983 - my chopped 1980 Harley Davidson Sportster was stolen the week I got off active duty with the US Army.

Which, incidentally, I bought the week I got ON active duty.

Granted, an expensive motorcycle that wasn't insured against theft, but actually that one was pretty deteriorated and was one of the "bowling ball bikes" made by AMF Voit between 1978-1982, so custom parts were hard to find for it.

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kitfoxx March 26th, 2008
I didn't know you rode. Do you still?

I can't think of anything valuable I've had stolen from me. I've been lucky so far I guess!

I have accidentally left a few things behind, and when I went back for them they were gone. But I don't think that's really the same as having something stolen that you hadn't left lying around.

Fast forward to 1995

titanic March 27th, 2008
I was sitting at a red light on a Suzuki 550 I had bought only a couple of months earlier to commute to work on. 22 year old security guard driving his dads 89 Buick Regal didn't see me or the light as he was channging a casette tape at the time, and hit me hard enough to wreck the CAR.

Despite which, I'm debating getting an even smaller bike later this year (like a GZ250) for the super fuel economy and the fact I don't have to commute more than 4 miles in any direction at the moment.

But no riding in the past 13 years.

Re: Fast forward to 1995

kitfoxx March 27th, 2008
I love commuting on my bike.

In fact, I've been going to the zoo once a week for volunteering in the car instead of the bike. Originally so I could look at a direction sheet while driving to get there. Then cause it was cold. But I am sick of getting caught in stupid driver traffic when the carpool lane is wide open. So no more of that. (:

I was hit 2-1/2 years ago by a lady in an SUV. Nothing to cause much damage to either vehicle, but gave me a nasty case of whiplash, particularly in my lower back. It's pretty well all healed up now, after more than two years of chiropractic care and massage. Didn't stop me from riding though. I refuse to let the idiots on the road stop me from doing what I love.

c_eagle March 27th, 2008
Geeez mon... that's a wretched feeling. >:|

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