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Spring Cleaning in September

Well, the good news is I got a job. The bad news is - it doesn't start for several weeks.

Since my security guard license won't arrive in the mail for possibly a couple of months, I have to come up with something else to generate money for about a month. Fortunately, I still have a lot of garage accumulation, so today will be another mega ebay day. Unfortunately most of the high dollar items are gone and what's left is mostly in the category of being worth just enough to not throw away. It will generate some money, but mostly I'm just getting rid of clutter at this point.

A lot of what is going is stuff I've had for many years. It reminds me of times past that I will never know again - old Air Force uniforms, Army uniforms, bits & pieces of uniforms from other countries I used to wear because I was making a fashion statement.

Well, everything I know for a fact I would never wear again is gone or at least listed. At this point I'm getting rid of stuff I might potentially wear again as I still like it, but it's unlikely. Such clothing would tag me a a "Goth" these days, a term that did not as yet exist when I bought the stuff.

I have 7 winter overcoats and I live in a desert. I sold my army BDU's off - but I still have the field jacket and liner. The same kind you see Osama Bin Laden wearing all the time. Maybe that should go too.

Skydiving gear, ham radio gear, WW2 re-enactor equipment (not the Nazi stuff though - they won't let me sell that) and pieces of other various abandoned hobbies. Just taking up space. Also about half of this telephone collection needs to go. I've sorted through and decided which pieces I want to keep, but that's only a fraction of it.

All of this stuff would sell for a lot more if the economy was better. But then, I might not be selling it, it would stay in the garage gathering dust.

Anyway, by late this afternoon http://www.huzzah.biz/ will provide an interesting window into my past....
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