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And Secondlife comes to an end (pretty much)

Drama! Angst! Conflict! I AM LEAVING FOREVER!

Ok is that requirement satisfied? Good. Simple fact is "Second Life" is being overcome by "First Life" (Pat. Pend.) I now have a full time job in conjunction with two part time ones, and my regular work week is 62 hours. It will probably go to 66 in about a month.

Its going to stay like this until (1)October rolls around, and (2) the City of Los Angeles once again has a hiring budget. But in all seriousness, all that will change is that I'll be working probably 60 hours a week all at the same job and making a lot more money, it won't increase my free time. My old pre-SL social calendar is returning in what little free time I do have.

I'm adjusting from 6 months of having 4 full days off a week to none at all, and some things just have to go.

Virtually all of the much loved friends who made 2005 and early 2006 such a wonderful time are no longer part of the sim game, and SL itself has taken several turns for the worse. Even Linden labs (the owners of SL) recognize this, as the creator of the game was recently fired by his own company.

And so a quarter decade from where it began - it pretty much ends.

I am not deleting my accounts unless SL decides to un-grandfather the old style premium accounts and change the stipend level, as at present they all pay for themselves, making more in stipend then they cost to renew, and a friend I drug into SL needs their land tier to keep his costs down.
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