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White Star Line


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Two Cents

(no subject)

This isn't a strike, as We are not being paid by livejournal to write here.

This is instead, rather, a protest.

A protest serves only one purpose - to bullshit the people doing it that they are actually making a difference, and placate them into not doing anything that DOES make a difference.

People who believe in this sort of crap are venting steam off the boiler so it doesn't blow up.

I didn't have anything I wanted to write about today - other than that.

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feren March 21st, 2008
Rational thought and reasoned response has never been a stronghold of the LJ masses. I don't mean to say I'm somehow enlightened and better than the striking protesting whining folk, but even I know better than to kid myself about this one.

caerdwyn March 21st, 2008
WordPress.com offers free blogspace, community management (i.e. friends-list etc.) and is not owned by a company based in a nation with zero consumer protection laws.

I'll be moving there shortly.

titanic March 22nd, 2008
On October 6, 2006 I registered on wordpress - mainly so I could grab "custer" before someone else did, as I was never able to get it on LJ.

I wish Livejournal hadn't been sold. Twice. But such are the fortunes of war.

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