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Wandering around the neighboring stores on break

I get 15 minute breaks at Staples, where I have the opportunity to explore about 5 or 6 stores away in either direction. Unfortunately Wal-mart and the Starbucks are both too far away to make it there and back in 15 minutes, but when I'm on a full schedule I can get there during lunch.

There are two variants of this thing, one of which looks pretty cool. If I needed a TV set (actually I have an extra one at this point) I might consider it. Its a 14" flat panel, but apparently its also available as a regular television set.

I actually got "Jack Sparrow" as a username in Secondlife, however the people who originally got me into taht game have just sold off ther last island, which makes it sort of an end of an era thing for me.

PS: Since rozgibson.huzzah.com turned back into rozgibson.com my mood icons are broken - I'll be getting to that when I get a chance)

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