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Announcing Earl

Recently we had another failed overextended animal rescue out here, and a large number of animals were taken in by another rescue called "Gentle Barn". About a dozen of the cats went through the clinic I work weekends at.

One of them, a 3 year old black cat, was not only in kennel #13, but was also originally named "Heath Ledger" after a Hollywood actor who committed suicide, no less. When I was doing his treatments he was all snuggles & purrs, and I identified with him as someone who already had had all of the bad luck someone should have in a lifetime. So I took him home.

He is the replacement for Mao , not Charlie. He's my cat.

And now I believe in karma, since in the week after adopting him I got a very badly needed upturn in my own luck. Its pure coincidence, but he now shares a name with that TV character in the show about karma. Hmm....

Hes got some signs he was mistreated at some point, but hes settling in very quickly. Unlike any other cat I've ever had, he has no trouble with a house full of strangers to include multiple dogs barking in the yard.

I get the distinct impression hes lonesome for other cats, since I'm guessing hes never lived in a house by himself before. But that will change soon enough.
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