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I've always been interested in this technology, but stopped following its development awhile back. My vonage line put in in September 2002 never caused me any trouble and so I stopped paying attention to it.

Skype phones started turning up on ebay really cheap, so I got a couple of them. There was a Skype craze that ran through secondlife that caused me to do that, and it was fun while it lasted, however it died out after voice got implemented. The phones of course work perfectly well regardless, and they rekindled my interest in VOIP technology.

I have discovered that on the vast majority of google / yahoo searches, just about everything I come up with is dated 2006. Granted, it is still fairly early in 2008, but did NOTHING happen in 2007? Did development of this technology stop? Did the regular phone companies incorporate flat rate voip into existing phones, negating the need to do anything different for the regular customer? Or did everybody just go so heavily toward the cell phone only world that landlines, regardless of how cheap they may be, became obsolete by their basic nature?
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