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White Star Line


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Spent yesterday at the Museum of Western Heritage. It was interesting, and certainly a lot more comfortable than the 100+ degrees of overcrowded Zoo would have been. I now know all I ever wanted to know about both Jewish and Chinese cowboys, each of which had several rooms just for them. Then went to Outback - traditional place to have a big thick steak that lasts for a couple of days (there are always leftovers). I had already filled up on hot dogs so I just had a side dish and bread.

Today is supposed to be just as hot, so I'm getting Huzzah! production work done while I still can. Discovered some interesting quirks about refilling ink carts on the color printer - like if you don't re-seal the hole on the top after you refill the ink, it all runs out the bottom and makes quite a mess. But at this point I have the bugs worked out of the system and I can print ink jet covers at home that look almost the same as the laser printed ones.

This works out well in conjunction with the computer setup I would up with pretty much by chance. I had wanted to get an expansion card for one of the computers so I could hook both printers up to it, but the card I had was an ISA card and I no longer own a computer that can use it, so martes and I went to Fry's go get a PCI card that would fit. The cheapest one was $40 so I passed on it and hooked the two printers up to two different computers instead. Turns out that was a MUCH better idea. I can print covers and interiors at the same time without anything slowing wont.

Another even greater and completely unexpected benefit came when I removed the LinkSys print server. I no longer needed it as a hub due to one of the computers being scrapped, so I decided to hook the computer to the LJ 2000 directly. When I did, I discovered that I can now print collated books as fast as I could print un collated books before. Meaning I don't have to spread pages all over the kitchen table and manually assemble the book, it comes off the printer as a completed book, sans covers. And at 19 PPM, it takes less than 8 minutes to print an issue. This eliminates more than half the work of putting the book out.

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vickimfox September 2nd, 2002
Jewish Cowboys, eh?
Reminds me of the comedy song, "The Ballad of Irving". (Also known as the 142nd fastest gun in the west)

ruggels September 2nd, 2002
Excellent news on the production side of things. Keep this information at hand. Two Computers, two printers, seal the ink cartridges. Oh, and keep your old printers. The new ones won't accept aftermarket cartridges.


I heard that

titanic September 2nd, 2002
I heard about some chip that was supposed to be in the cartrige that counted how many copies it made to keep you from refilling it. But I haven't seen anything in print about that.

c_eagle September 3rd, 2002
Terrific to hear about the plethora of time-saving surprises this weekend :> *flaps wings*

film2edit September 3rd, 2002
Yay, happy the printing stuffs are going good. Post takes a while for the West coast to hit the East. Happily awaiting to see the new copy.

BTW, you might want to update the web site. It still has all the old info on it, not the updates (like about the current issue and cover dates).

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