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Spent yesterday at the Museum of Western Heritage. It was interesting, and certainly a lot more comfortable than the 100+ degrees of overcrowded Zoo would have been. I now know all I ever wanted to know about both Jewish and Chinese cowboys, each of which had several rooms just for them. Then went to Outback - traditional place to have a big thick steak that lasts for a couple of days (there are always leftovers). I had already filled up on hot dogs so I just had a side dish and bread.

Today is supposed to be just as hot, so I'm getting Huzzah! production work done while I still can. Discovered some interesting quirks about refilling ink carts on the color printer - like if you don't re-seal the hole on the top after you refill the ink, it all runs out the bottom and makes quite a mess. But at this point I have the bugs worked out of the system and I can print ink jet covers at home that look almost the same as the laser printed ones.

This works out well in conjunction with the computer setup I would up with pretty much by chance. I had wanted to get an expansion card for one of the computers so I could hook both printers up to it, but the card I had was an ISA card and I no longer own a computer that can use it, so martes and I went to Fry's go get a PCI card that would fit. The cheapest one was $40 so I passed on it and hooked the two printers up to two different computers instead. Turns out that was a MUCH better idea. I can print covers and interiors at the same time without anything slowing wont.

Another even greater and completely unexpected benefit came when I removed the LinkSys print server. I no longer needed it as a hub due to one of the computers being scrapped, so I decided to hook the computer to the LJ 2000 directly. When I did, I discovered that I can now print collated books as fast as I could print un collated books before. Meaning I don't have to spread pages all over the kitchen table and manually assemble the book, it comes off the printer as a completed book, sans covers. And at 19 PPM, it takes less than 8 minutes to print an issue. This eliminates more than half the work of putting the book out.
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