Dwight J. Dutton (titanic) wrote,
Dwight J. Dutton

Movie meme! (OK I did it)

1. Pick 15 of your favourite movies.
2. Go to IMDb and find a quote from each movie.
3. Post them here for everyone to guess.
4. Fill in the film title once it's guessed.
5. NO GOOGLING/using IMDb search functions to answer!

1. "This is TV. T-V. Next to food and music, this is mankind's greatest invention"

2. "Just wait until those dead babies start marching, then you'll be eating your words!"

3. The 18th amendment prohibited drinking. It didn't say a word about killing, double-crossing or blowing things up.

4.The pulsating drama of Broadway's bared heart speaks and sings with a voice to stir your soul!

5. The Musical Shot In The Arm !

6. SEE youthful marijuana victims - what actually happens!

7. The show has been cancelled...but the adventure is just beginning.

8. "Gee whiz, Mr. Mammoth, what's the secret of your success?"

9. "I just mean during the day. Daylight. When was the last time you remember seeing it? And I'm not talking about some distant, half-forgotten childhood memory, I mean like yesterday. Last week. Can you come up with a single memory? You can't, can you? You know something, I don't think the sun even... exists... in this place. 'Cause I've been up for hours, and hours, and hours, and the night never ends here."

10. "You would have tried to change the future, which is against the law. So therefore I can tell you nothing. "

11. Whatever happened to "we rape, we pillage"?

12. I'm more man than you'll ever be and more woman than you'll ever get.

13. Have you ever heard the expression "kissed by a muse"? Well, that's what I am. I'm a muse.

14. Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't realize I was disturbing you. You see, every once in a while I suddenly find myself... dancing.

15. "There is always a part of society that sets themselves apart and more is expected from them than from the millions of national comrades. For them, it is not enough to simply pledge 'I believe', but rather the affirmation 'I fight'! "
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